wavecom 32 port modem pool hardware support


I am very new to open AT OS/framework, i thought of buying “wavecom 32 port modem pool” to do a online mobile recharge business, hence need to know if ‘open AT’ supports the hardware or not.

Thanks in advance,

You mean something lie this:

ebay.co.uk/itm/GSM-Modem-Poo … 415b3f2fc0 :question:

What do you mean by that??

I would guess that it’s rather unlikely that such a thing would be suitable; a proper network connection to the appropriate server(s) seems more likely - but, with no idea of what you’re actually trying to achieve, it’s impossible to say


Open-AT would be inside the modules; it neither knows nor cares how those modules have been deployed.

You would have to ask the manufacturer what module they use, and whether they are already using the Open-AT, or have disabled it…

But why would you want to go loading individual Open-AT apps into each module? Surely, you’ll have a PC to control this thing…?