Wasting a long time compiling


[b] Hi there,

I am new using wavecom.
When I compile a very tiny sample “Hello Word”, I need to spent 10 minutes in compiling.
Everytime I did a trivial modification another 10 minutes again is needed.
I am using Eclipse IDE and going crazy. My wrong operating? :cry:
Any idea? [/b]


Hi avex,
I think it is depend on your computer’s configuration or many projects run on same time … I takes about 2minutes for compiling on my computer. :slight_smile:


Hi trthaithong, for me, 2 minutes is still a long time. I dont know what does 2-minutes means for you.
If you just modified a C string, you need to spend 2 minute to re-compile it. Aren’t u crazy?

It seems IDE should be loaded and all C files will be re-compiled everytime.

Can it be more smart? No Pre-compile tech. is used ?
Loading IDE is a very very big problem, when I build-make targe, IDE spent a very very long time to startup.
The purpose wasting time here is just to compile a C file whose only a string content is changed.


The main problem is cygwin, not gcc. If you want a really fast solution, just port everything to linux and it will be much faster (2 mins on windows and about 7 secs on linux on my computer). There is a post somewhere about the linux port…



I found in some cygwin users mentioned this:


I have not verified, but you may try to temporarily remove the update and see if it can help or not


You can also look at this thread, which shows you how to replace Wavecom’s build envirnoment altogether:

Using the Makefile from that thread running under Linux (which is faster than Cygwin), I can build a 100k+ line program in about 2 seconds.


Thanks for everyone’s help. I 'll try that. :smiley: