Wake on Lan with Airlink GX450

Hi all,

I’m trying to use WOL to wake up an industrial PC on a remote network. The modem is a Airlink GX450. I’ve tried two methods without any luck so far and hoping someone with more experience than me might have some ideas.

First attempt was to send the UDP WOL packet to the modem’s public IP. Use a port forwarding rule to forward to the broadcast address of the network. That method didn’t seem to work. I’m not sure if the modem allows you to forward to the broadcast address.

The second idea was to use another device on the remote network to generate the WOL packet. There are no other computers on the network just different industrial devices. One is a programmable RTU where I can have it generate a WOL packet but the Ethernet library requires you to specify a target IP. It won’t let you target the broadcast address. When I try sending to the static IP of the computer that is asleep I receive a ICMP destination unreachable error. I’m kind of stuck at this point, not sure if there are any settings i can change to get around this…

I’m not a networking expert so any ideas or suggestions are appreciated.