Hello to the community,

I will need help. I am doing VPN between an LX40 and a cisco RV340 in IPSEC. The tunnel works, I ping my equipment but I can’t access their web page…
Does anyone have an idea?
Thank you for your answers

Hi philippe.longhi,

Is the web page’s address in the internal network, which is defined by VPN server? Or is this address the public one?


these are the addresses in the local network. for example the web address of the remote router

Hi philippe.longhi,

I need some logs to analyze this issue. Please follow the steps below to collect your device system log:

  1. On ACEmanager, Go to Admin > Log, make sure VPN log is enabled. Ensure that option named “Display” is selected in the drop-down menu beside Linux Syslog

  2. Reboot the device and try the test again

  3. On ACEmanager, Go to Admin > Log, click button Download Logs


Hi, it’s ok for VPN and Linux Syslog.


Hi philippe.longhi,

Base on the log, there is no problem with LX40.

The root cause may come from Cisco device or webserver for which I cannot go through with you. But I have some suggestions: catch traffic on the webserver to see what happens or try to adjust MSS or MTU on the Cisco device.


The crazy thing is that I did the same thing with another lx40 but without the R2C feature implemented and it works. I’ll give you the logs too.