video seminar


Since this forum is about OPEN AT why don’t we be more open?
As seen in messages everyone have simple problems about openAT, cygwin, target monitoring tool, downloading, environment settings etc…
And they (me too) can’t develop code because of these problems.

There is a charge-free program called “screen virtuoso” which records your moves at your PC in *.avi format at which you can upload files to server upto 1GB.

If OPENAT experts should answer our problems with recorded actions, it would be great. :wink:



I totally agree that problems are solved more easily if it can be discussed in an open, user-friendly and serious forum with many competent participants.

But by using an external program to record the problemsolvers desktop, programs and solutions and then upload it onto some fileserver seems (at least to me) far too laboriously.

Recorded user-actions could work well in a educational environment but not in a forum.

And isn’t it a less open forum if the contents of a posted entry is just a link to a .avi film clip located somewhere on a fileserver? I think so.