USSD Software for Windows 10

what do i do next please

i don’t see there is EM7455 module connected to your PC…

the cellular connection is on were do i go to

I’m on a lenovo p51 and here is the card it uses

I’m lost what do i do now, please

I don’t see there is modem port enumerated in your module, try this:

  1. download the GenericDriverSetup_5087.exe from SOURCE website
  2. open a folder and put GenericDriverSetup_5087.exe and Configuration.ini together
  3. open Configuration.ini and add the following:
[Default Values]
  1. now install the driver again

Or you can see more information here:

Can you kindly link the website for both the GenericDriverSetup_5087.exe and the Configuration.ini
Or were do i find configuration.ini

you can do search in SOURCE website

Configuration.ini (84 Bytes)

I’m done and now the port’s aren’t showing and My pc stopped charging as well

what is the relationship between the battery charging and the modem?

Just a little update, i think port 5 and 6 disappeared and other one’s appeared

I saw there is modem port in your device manager

the modem icon disappeared

that was the qualcomm modem i placed in my laptop

you can open Configuration.ini and change “USBCOMP=8” and run the driver setup again


Do I choose it

you can then send AT command through modem port in device manager

so if i wanted to do *124# what would i type in (or is there a manual on how to do at commands)

Both Tera and PuTTy won’t let me type anything in NMEA or DM