USSD Software for Windows 10

Hi There,
I have EM7455 on my Thinkpad and it’s running great. Previously, when I use USB modem it came with little console apps for you to send & recieve sms and do USSD command. Is there any software like that for Airprime?

Many thanks for your help.

have you tried skylight software?

Hi there, I think this is the one I’ve been looking for.

I’ll try it. Thank you.

Do you know how do I use USSD command since it needs CALL button to operate?


Have you tried with ATD command or +CUSD command in AT command channel?

Would you kindly share me how to do ATD command ?


For USSD, I think you should use AT+CUSD command:

I go to SMS Express button, new message… or what?

It seems that we need call button to operate UMB / USSD / AT command in skylight.

you need to send AT command through modem port in device manager with some tools like tera term

Modem port ? I think that’s too much for me. hahaha…

Hope there’s other ways…

Thanks for your kind support.

no idea, good luck then!