Using MP70 with cell booster

We’re considering installing an MP70 for data and a cell booster to help with weak cell signals. I’m wondering if anyone has experience with this setup. Can I run the MP70 through the booster? One thing I wonder about is if one can reduce the cell output of the MP70 given its cell antenna and the booster antenna would be so close (and inside a vehicle). (And presumably the boost would make up for the loss of diversity.)

Thanks for any insights.


We are using the following booster “Wilson weBoost Signal 4G M2M Direct Connect Booster - 460219” to improve cellular signal strength by 15dB. It works for several cellular operators and rugged. The drawback is that MP70 loses MIMO capability since your disconnecting diversity and connecting only via main RF.

I hope this helps.

That’s pretty much the setup we were going to go with. Good to know it works for you. (I had the same concerns about the loss of MIMO but figured the increased signal strength would compensate.) Thanks for the feedback.

(Sorry for the slow response. I haven’t checked back here in a while.)

I was wondering what do you use to boost your signal strength? The one I mentioned has several drawbacks 1. Low gain ~ 15 gain 2. Fuse that’s burns if handled not carefully during install.

We’re still working on getting things installed. We’re planning on going with a Wilson 4G-x. I’ll let you know how it goes once we get it all working.

Hi there, we have a MP 70 and would like to boost the signal in 0ur 2000 square foot cabin. How do we do this?