Using ADL APIs instead of Standard C functions

I want to know regarding following standard functions

  1. malloc
  2. free
  3. all string functions like strncpy, strcmp etc.
  4. memset, memcpy functions

Can I use these functions in OpenAT instead of their corresponding ADL APIs(adl_memGet, _adl_memRelease, wm_strcpy, wm_strcmp, wm_memset, wm_memcpy respectively)?

Also, whether using ADL APIs is recommended over these standard C APIs?

Are there any disadvantages of using these standard C APIs instead of corresponding ADL APIs?

For malloc/free, you need to use the Wavecom API, because the underlying memory management functions are very much target-specific.

If you look at the others, I think you’ll find they’re just #defines anyhow; search this forum - it’s been discussed before.