Libc availability under GCC


I am using wm_memset, wm_memcpy, etc in stead of memset and memcpy. I am however running into problems when I need libc functions that is not exposed via the api.

I am using <stddef.h> and <string.h> to expose these the libc functions and macros I need. (E.g. memmove and offsetof.)

Any specific reason(s) why I must not use libc functions directly? (Maybe compiler related ARM?) If not, any plan to expose the rest of the libc functions for us?


What problems, exactly? :question:

It’s very difficult to answer your question if you don’t give full details! :unamused:

Copy & paste the full text of the error message(s) that you get

Sorry. I did not express myself very clearly.

What I meant is that I am running into problems where I need the libc functions that are not exposed via the openat api.

I am trying to figure out why only some libc functions are exposed.

I am using non exposed libc functions (under gcc) and everything seems fine. (for now.)

Just trying to get behind the reasoning.


If you take a look at wm_stdio.h in “WmHeader” folder (or even in “<project_folder>\gcc\out” where it is copied during compilation) you can see that even the “exposed” as you call them build in functions are just re-definitions of the original ones. If the function you need is not device dependent (e.g. clrscr) I suppose you can go ahead and use it…

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