Use RV50x as WAN for MP70 via Port 4

Implementation: Remote location, lots of data transfer
Solution: Use RV50x with 2 SIMs and MP70 with 2 SIMs

MP70 Ethernet Port4 set to WAN, 1st Priority, LAN 192.168.13.xx, LAN DHCP .100-.150
RV50x Ethernet Port, IP passthrough

Can use RV50x without issue via Ethernet connection. Laptop gets WAN address.
Can use MP70 without issue via Ethernet ports 1-3 and WiFi. Laptop gets private address via DHCP.

When I plug RV50x into MP70 Port 4 WAN, I see the WAN address on the interface. INTERNET traffic should go out Port 4 via RV50x, but I see no traffic indication on the MODEM or on laptop.

Is there a setting that I am missing? Why is this not working?


All is working now.