Use R7.43.0.201003261552 with Developer Studio 2.2.1

Hi, I have a Fastrack Supreme 20 with this configuration

“DWL”,“V08b0j”,"",“Wavecom”,54744,“022410 18:01”,“e9be6255”,“00010000”
“FW”,“FW_SRC_743_6.Q2687H”,“R7.43.0.201003261552.FSU002”,“Wavecom”,2139952,“032610 15:52”,“4aec2bbf”,“00020000”

I need to work with it, but I can find how to set the target. I am using the default repositories with the developer studio 2.2.1. Do I have to find another repository to use it? how can I do it?

I am a basic user, and really I am retaking this project after two years. I wonder if anybody can help me.

Thanks for the people who read. I solved by updating the firmware in my fastrack. Now I can use de developer studio.