USB Ethernet interface Issue


I am using MangoH green board. When I flash Legato version 17.08.1 on this board (Available here : … release-6/) USB Ethernet adapter is not enumerated on Ubuntu but if I flash Legato version > 17.08.1, USB Ethernet adapter is created in Ubuntu machine. I need to use Legato version 17.08.1 only due to some application dependencies. Can somebody provide some clues about this issue?


If your USB Ethernet interface or USB device not enumerated properly in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Then please try following steps: … -14-04-lts

Hi Yogesh,

Were you able to work past this issue? In release 6, there was an ECM MAC address issue in the ECM gadget causing the ECM driver to not load for host kernels 4.4.x (e.g. Ubuntu 14.04 / 16.04). I wonder if that’s what you observed, since you mentioned the Ethernet interface specifically. If that’s the issue you were/are seeing, I’m not aware of a workaround aside from upgrading. But if you happen to be rebuilding your kernel, I can provide you the simple patch for this issue. Let me know if that’s a viable solution, if one is still needed.

To check if this is the problem, you would see something like this in your host logs during enumeration:
Oct 18 16:11:58 t430 kernel: [ 1003.223466] cdc_ether: probe of 3-1:1.19 failed with error -22


USB Ethernet interface Issue

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