USB COM port disappears


I’m using the eval board with HL7588 and Windows 10 connected through USB. When the USB composition is set up with kusbcomp=2, the MBIM adapter and COM port shows up in device manager but then after a few seconds the COM port disappears. Subsequent unplugging/plugging of the USB cable only makes the MBIM adapter disappear/reappear … the COM port never comes back. This can be reproduced on multiple host machines.

If i connect using RS232 i’m able to switch the USB composition to either option 0 or 1 and the COM ports show up properly. Sending a factory reset command or power cycling the board has no effect. Only with option 2 does the COM port not show up.

Grabbed latest firmware version: RHL75xx.A.2.10.151600.201604151852.x7160_1 and have the same behavior.

Any idea what may be going on here?


It’s working fine at my end with older FW version… Will see with new one… Meantime make sure you have proper drivers installed.