Update Firmware via WiFi and not cellular

Hello, We have approximately 120 Sierra Wireless MP70 modems in crew trucks. We would like to be able to use AirVantage to update the firmware, but our cellular data is very limited. Is there a way to only run the updates when the modem is on Wi-Fi to avoid using cellular data? Thanks in advance for any guidance! J King

Hi jking,

You could try to configure Client(WAN) Mode by following the document below on pages 133-139.


By the way, if you have a huge number of MP70 devices, using cellular is the best way.


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Jerdung, I appreciate your response and guidance! I see we are able to configure a wireless network but I do not think we would be able to differentiate between normal network traffic and firmware updates. It is our goal to allow network traffic over cellular or Wi-Fi but only allow firmware updates over Wi-Fi (not cellular). I will also take your guidance on posting under Airlink Routers. Thank you! J King