I can't update the radio module firmware de un MP70

I want to update the firmware module of a MP70 to the latest version and it sends me an error that it does not read the module.

Hi @jose.rojas
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Could you please share with me some information as below:

  1. What firmware version is your MP70 running?
  2. Have you install the latest driver on source page Sierra? If not, please install the latest driver following the link below:
  3. Please try upgrade to latest firmware for your MP70 again by following the link below:
  • If the issue still happens, please share with me the screenshot of the issue and your log.

  • Collect logs procedure:

  1. Go AceManager > Admin > Configure Logging

  2. Set all log levels to DEFAULT (NOTICE)

  3. Set Linux Syslog to DISPLAY

  4. Reboot the gateway.

  5. Perform your upgrade process again.

  6. Go Admin → View log → Download Logs