Unresolved symbol


On TMT I get:

RTK 1 Except RTK …190 19 25
ADS Bckt -> Unresolved symbol : 0x00044DB3

How can I know wich symbol in my code is 0x00044DB3 ?
Where can I get more info. on Backtraces’ messages ?

arghh… someone ??

What is the meaning of error “Except RTK …190”?

The error “Except RTK …190” stands for Stack Overflow. This error occurs, when the Open AT® application uses local variables which exceed the size of custom stack defined in the Open AT® application.

the first parameter 190, which is an exception identifier, indicates that it is stack overflow. The third parameter 25 (Task Identifier) is the Open AT® application’s task identifier. This is pointing to one of the many tasks declared in the Open AT application. This indicates that the exception is generated from the Open AT® application!

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and see this:

What is the reason for getting Back Trace RTK 190?

The Back Trace RTK 190 signifies that custom stack size used is not big enough (there’s a stack overflow). In this case it is recommended to increase the stack size.