;RTK;1;Except RTK ....144 a 23


I am using SL6087, with firmware Rev- 7.46. and AT-OS Rev 6.36.
I am getting the following error

;RTK;1;Except RTK ....144 a 23

, And System reboots after it.

Please, let me know what does it mean.


I’ve had similar error on FXT009. Updating to v7.47 worked for me.

Thanks for your response.

Please also let me know the which OS Rev, and Open AT Frame Work Package used for AT project.


Currently using Open AT Framework package
Open AT OS Package
Internet Library Package

thanks, I will update my build, post the result for same.

I was getting this Exception as too many items are pushed in the queue.

Here is the definition for RTK Exception 144:

#define RTK_EXCPT_OBJECT_OVERFLOW 144 ///<No more free envelop

You are probably exceeding your stack size or memory.