Unable to launch debugger

We’re getting the error message below when trying to debug using DS 2.2.0:

Error while launching command: gdb --version

There is no further information available if you click Details. Is there some configuration item that’s not set correctly?

Sounds like a mistake in your launch configuration: DS should try to invoke arm-elf-gdb, and not simply gdb.
You should have a read of this topic: https://forum.sierrawireless.com/t/cannot-debug-in-embedded-gdb-mode/5088/1

Ok, we’ve entered arm-elf-gdb as the debugging app, but are now getting the error “Load model element: Tasks status => ERROR:java.lang.Integer cannot be cast to java.lang.String” (full details from the error popup are in the attached zip file.

We also get this error whenever opening a com port or downloading a file in DS, however neither of these errors have caused any problems that we’ve observed.

We need to have more details to diagnose the issue: please can you use the Help > Build Technical Report feature, export it and attach the zip file here?

I don’t see this feature. Attached is what is in my Help menu. Note I created a simple hello world test app to see if we had the same problem with a different application, and we do.

The option is available from DS 2.2.0
Please can you upgrade, and first check if it fixes your issue?
And if not, please send the technical report.

We are using 2.2.0 (I should have mentioned that in my previous post). Attached is some of the information provided when selecting Help->About->Installation Details, which I assume is much the same as what would be dislayed by the Technical Report feature.

I guess the next step is to reinstall 2.2.0. I was hoping to avoid that.

*Update: Tried to reinstall DS, and couldn’t even get it to start afterwards (which didn’t surprise me, almost every time there is an upgade or some change made, something breaks) Was able to do a system restore and get things back to the way they were (i.e. with a non-functional debugger, but everything else working).

Seen that you have a “Patch for Target Manager” installed: please uninstall it. This should fix some issues concerning the target management perspective.