DS 2.2.0 application download error



I’ve recently upgraded Developer Studio to Build Version I now get the following when downloading a dwl:
Load model element: Tasks status => ERROR: java.lang.Integer cannot be cast to java.lang.String: java.lang.Integer cannot be cast to java.lang.String

We did not modify the task table in the Application Settings. The application is successfully downloaded and runs without a problem, so this is only a problem when you want to debug, as it prevents the debug session from starting. Any suggestions?

This is my current installation state:
ARM EABI GCC Toolchain 4.4.1
ARM ELF GCC Toolchain 4.0.1
Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server plug-in for Eclipse
MinGW Toolchain for RTE 3.4.2
Open AT projects management
–> Patch for Target Manager
Target Management
WirelessIDEA for Sierra 1.0.0.SVN1453

The patch marked above was installed to fix the timeout issue on 2.1.1.



Just an update: I converted the app to use a single task in stead of the old deprecated adl_main. The app still runs correctly, but the problem persists.


Please give a try to uninstall this patch: it’s already integrated in DS 2.2.0 and may cause conflicts…
We noticed recently that upgrading doesn’t disable patches installed on former version: they have to be uninstalled manually.


I just did a fresh installation of 2.2.0 and everything seems to work. Thanks for the help