"Launch alredy running" error

Hello, I have a “Launch alredy running error” when try to launch any application.

Tab Target Management is working properly, because I can get information about the device, downloaded any *.dwl file to my device, etc.

What’s wrong?

Developer Studio 2.2.1

Please can you elaborate on your use case:

  • module type?
  • FW version?
  • launch configuration type (Target/RTE)?
  • are you trying to launch a Run or a Debug session?


I use Open AT Embedded Software Suite package v.

Module type: FXT001
FW Version
launch configuration type: Target
a Run session of course

I receive this message (Launch alredy running error/Please ensure another launch is not running on this port ) with any version of Firmware, and with any of the modules that are available for me. This is IDE error, not Open AT OS

Do you have the error the first time (since DS start) you try to launch, or only from the the second time?
When you go to the “Debug” perspective, in the “Debug” view, do you have some process instances displayed? If yes, can you kill them and try to relaunch?
(screen captures are always welcome :wink:)

Yes, I have this error the first time try to launch. Step by Step:

DS Start:

Click On Run

Open Debug Perspective:

Open Target management and try to open Com6

and then

Also I try to install DS Studio on another PC, and it’s work properly there. But reinstalling DS on problem PC did not solved my problem

Seems we get some clues.
Actually GDB handling needs an opened TCP port on the system. The displayed message occurs because the TCP port is not free on your computer.
We’re going to do some improvements for the next release:

  • Clarify the error message
  • And make it happen only when asking for a Debug session, not a simple “Run” one.
    Meanwhile, as a workaround, you should try to modify the TCP port configured in the launch configuration, to choose one which is currently free on your system.

Ah I recall seeing that issue, if you have torrent client or anything that uses massive number of connections shut it down.

Thanks a lot!