Unable to install SWI9X30C_02.33.03.00_00_GENERIC_002.072_000 on latest batch of EM7455 modules

Production of our FDA-registered dialysis machine is blocked because we are unable to install the original modem firmware that our product was verified with (002.072_000).

The problem is that the latest large batch if modems received have 002.082_000 installed and this prevents any previous modem firmware from being installed. This is now blocking the production of thousands of dialysis machines.

Is there a ‘force update’ option? If not, can we get are batch replaced with the required version?

Formal re-verification using the new firmware is a very bad option as it will stall production for months.

Practical advise would be most gratefully received.

from PRI-CRN:

002.072_000 is for old memory, so you cannot load this PRI to new memory module

I understand the reason, but flash memory options can be overridden.

I’m hoping that your embedded engineers realised that installing a specific version is essential for customers with safety-validated products and built-in an ‘ignore anti-roll-back’ or ‘force install’ option for them as this could affect millions of products?

I remember for old memory module , you can install old firmware, not sure if i remember correctly, you can double confirm with your old module

You can also try with 002.072_001

That’s a very interesting suggestion!

So you are suggesting we update the modem from 002.072_000 firmware to 002.072_001 firmware, then install 002.082_000.

I will try that and let you know if it works. Thanks for thinking about this. This could prove a priceless solution to many of your customers, if it works :+1:

Actually, this won’t help us get the new modems back to 002.072_000 will it?

Actually i still don’t quite understand your situation

Is your module with new memory or old memory?

We have received a large batch of new EM7455 modules. Our production procedure specifies installing the 002.072_000 firmware because this is what our product was validated with. Unfortunately, the firmware installer we use to install 002.072_000 fails. We have never had a problem until the latest, large batch of EM7455 modules.


High chance that they are having new memory which cannot use