Unable to connect via PPP with APN w/o user/pass

Greetings, all,

 Chief among my many difficulties, is the inability of our PPP stack and the WMP100 to negotiate PPP for APNs that do not require usernames and passwords.  I have been successful in connecting with APNs that DO require usernames and passwords.

 Essentially, what I see is our PPP stack rejecting the initial LCP configure from the WMP (because of PAP).  The WMP sends a new LCP configure request, without PAP, which we ACK.  The WMP100 ACKs our LCP config request without any issues. We then proceed to send an IPCP configure request (same options that work on APNs with usernames and passwords), and receive an LCP terminate request from the WMP several ms later.

Preceeding the PPP session is:

AT&C1 -> OK

I've done the requsite Googling, and have found problem descriptions on several other sites with the PPP traces that look identical to what I am seeing, however, without answers.

Does anyone have any insights into this issue?  Thanks much!

I have seen it suggested somewhere that giving username & password as a single space might work on some devices when connecting to servers that require “no” username & password…

(could be a total red herring - if not completely satisfied, you may return this suggestion for a full refund)


Using ' ' for username and passwored worked! THANK YOU!


you mean " " or ’ ’ or it doesnt matter

That will depend on where exactly you’re using it - the normal ‘C’ programming rules will apply.

(you do understand the difference between " " and ’ ’ in C, don’t you?)