Unable to connect to server socket

I’m creating a server socket using the wip_TCPServerCreate on port 8091, but I can’t establish a connection to the modem using telnet from my PC.

I have a fasttrack 1306B and OpenAT 3.14 and WIP 2.00.31.

If you’re using GPRS, chances are that your GPRS provider only give your local addresses (generally 10.x.x.x or 192.168.x.x), which makes it impossible to address a server socket from outside the APN local network. Solutions:

  • modify your protocol so that you don’t need a server on the module.

  • or pay for a global IP address. Notice that if you get a global but non-fix DHCP address, you’ll need to retrieve your address and somehow send it to your server. And obviously, fix global IP addresses are quite expensive.

  • or pay to get your server addressed in the private APN network. If you have a large park of modules to handle, that’s probably the best solution.

If you’re using PPP, over UART or GSM, then it’s most likely your MS-Windows firewall. Disable it for the interface connected to your module.

yes - this is almost certainly true - unless you’ve specifically requested a “public” IP address, you won’t have one.

And, if you do request one, you will have to pay $$$ for it! :frowning:

And/or other firewall(s) in your network, your ISP, etc, etc…

If this is at work, speak to your network administrator…