GPRS TCP server


We are using FXT009 modem and configuring it as a GPRS TCP server.
I was able to configure it as a server for port 80 i.e., HTTP and read the IP address assigned to it.
The commands I used are:

AT+WIPBR=4,6,0              // start GPRS bearer
AT+WIPCREATE=3,1,80,5,8                // TCP server and server socket 1
AT+WIPBR = 3,6,15                           // Read IP address assigned
+WIPBR: 6,15,          // IP address assigned

But it is not able to ping or connect to the above mentioned IP address(
Do I have to configure any other settings?
Can anyone help me?


the steps you are following is correct…
are you trying to connect to this server from another TCP client and you are facing some issue??
are you getting any error??

how are you trying this?



Now the modem will behave as a server and it will be assigned with some dynamic IP address. In this case, Since I am using http port, I tried by opening the received IP from internet. But it is not able to open and I did not received any response from the modem as it should respond by

And after few minutes I am getting response as

And I tried to ping the IP address using hercules socket as a client and even through command prompt. But there is no response from the modem.

Now I am in verification phase to implement in my application where the modem will be behaving as a tcp server and should response to the tcp clients which it connects.


Hello ,

Still we are not able to connect from tcp client. Do I have to set any other commands to make it to work as tcp server?
Can anyone help us to go further as we are running out of time?


You should set the steps and find the error of each step