ULPM on FX30

I followed the Octave document below to set ULPM on FX30 (FW 3.0.2), but run into weird situation.

I set timer to 120 sec.

Then, I added an event in command stream to trigger ulpm

After about 30sec, FX30 did power down. The LED went off. I waited for more than 120 seconds and the FX30 did not wake up. FX30 never wake up even after more than 5 minutes’ wait.

Then here it comes the weird part. I cycled the power and FX30 did power up. But it power down again in about 60 second. I couldn’t do anything from Octave dashboard to bring it back to normal operation because it kept shutting down.

I added an observation /util/ulpm/value.timer to trigger an EA to disable ulpm. But it didn’t help.
function(event) {
return {
“dh://util/ulpm/shutdown” : [false],

at!powermode? showed status=2 (Enable PSM) from console. I have to use at!powermode=0 to disable PSM to bring FX30 back to normal.

Can anyone tell me what I did wrong or missed any steps? How can I correctly set ulpm from Octave dashboard or EA?

Hi James,

I have similar problems and as I did not know of the AT command you mentioned I ended up flashing a new image using swiflash from a PC to make it stop. I think it would be nice if the at!powermode=0 command was mentioned on the ULPM documentation page as a lot of people will need it. Can the same be done from the command line via ssh in any way?

I too still haven’t found a solution to the boot loop problem.

Since I couldn’t get anything changed through Octave, I use ssh to check and found the powermode is 2, which is PSM mode according to document.