Octave ULPM failure

MangOH Yellow with FW 3.1.0-mangOH-0.
I could trigger MangOH Yellow to enter ULPM with AT!powermode=3 command.
But with Octave {‘util/ulpm/shutdown’: 1} command, MangOH Yellow won’t go into ULPM.

Can anyone help?

Hi jameshorng,

Could you please explain clearly about your Octave command? How can you input this command, via edge action or command stream?


Due to Octave {“util/ulpm/shutdown”:1} command failed to put MangOH Yellow into ULPM, I used AT!powermode=3 command through console port to test.

Please refer to the discussion in here Do MangOH Yellow support ULPM?

For Octave command, I click the send command icon in util/ulpm/shutdown section from dashboard and the Trigger button from popup.


From Dashboard device/detail, {“util/ulpm/shutdown”:1} command was send to MangOH Yellow.

On FX30S, I can put device into ULPM. But MangOH Yellow did not enter ULPM.

Hi James,

This is a known issue and an a ticket exists for engineering to address. I will update the ticket with your comments and will update this forum entry as updates occur.

I tested Octave with MangOH Yellow, FX30 (Ethernet) and FX30S (RS232). Only FX30S worked as expected.

Anyone know when this issue will be resolved?

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