Do MangOH Yellow support ULPM?

In AT Command Reference r8.pdf document page 96, AT!POWERMDOE, it mentioned ULPM is not supported by WP77xx module variants. MangOH Yellow Octave dashboard indicated the HW module is WP7702. Does that mean ULPM is not supported by MangOH Yellow?

I set ULPM timer and use Octave to send shutdown command, but MangOH Yellow did not enter ULPM.

ati8 should show there is MCU in WP77, right?
Have you tried to enable ULPM mode by AT!POWERMODE?

Yes. ATI8 actually showed MCU Ver: 002.014

I used AT!powerwake=1,120,120,2 to set ULPM timer, and used AT!powermode=3 to test ULPM.
MangOH Yellow did enter ULPM and wakeup after 120sec.

However, the PSM Timer got changed to 14400sec after wakeup.
300sec was from the Octave setting I created. Not sure how PSM Timer was changed to 14400sec.

So AT!powermode=3 command works OK.

However, when I tried ULPM shutdown command from Octave, nothing happened. MangOH Yellow did not go into ULPM.

AT!powermode? and AT!powerwake? stay the same. Looks like {“util/ulpm/shutdown”:1} did not take effect at all.

Am I missing something on the Octave?

PSM timer should be negotiated with network operator, even you set to particular value, it does not mean the network will accept.

Got it and many thanks, jyijyi.

Now, I just need help to make Octave ULPM shutdown command works.

you can open another topic as this discussion title is about mangoh yellow.