ULPM on FX30 - current example

I am testing FX30S device and have referenced ULPM documentation and posts in this forum. Both appear to be quite dated. I am running the latest FW, but cannot get ULPM to work. I verified that PSM does not appear to be running , so not a conflict. Could I get a complete current example I can use to set this up to test? I would also appreciate some estimate / guidance regarding how long ULPM duration should be maintained in order to avoid the wake-up power spike costs to exceed the benefits of ULPM power saving.

Hi @dpinc,

Please refer to Controlling Ultra Low Power Mode section at the following link: Controlling Ultra Low Power Mode


Thanks for the reply.
I was using the document referenced.

A timer was used as wake source. However it was not possible to set the command to enter ULPM as described.

The UI portal has no “Add Event” option in the device command stream.


A current example would be great.

Hi @dbporterhouse
You are right the “Add Event” button has disapeared from the :command stream. This is a bug, and we apologize for that. I created a ticket and assigned it to the concerned team.
To send a command easily, you can use the Resources page and click on the Command icon of the related resource.
That is to say, to trig ULPM shutdown:

Hope this helps,