Issues using WP77 Octave FW to replace old Mangoh Red Octave FW

I just lost several days troubleshooting an issue that appears related to the difference between Mangoh Red Octave FW vs WP77 Octave FW.

It was recommended to use WP77 Octave FW instead of the Mangoh Red Octave FW, but found a case when running on battery where entry into ulpm hangs – along with all running timers – for an extended period of time – many minutes. Then then all fire within a few dozen ms of each other.

I was not able to determine an exact cause of the issue; interestingly, enabling diag logging seems to mitigate the issue, perhaps due to perturbing timing.

I finally reverted to the latest Mangoh Red Octave FW and the issue was no longer reproducible. Is an updated Octave FW version anywhere on the roadmap?