UI Com port

Hello, where i can find driver for Windows7/10 for AirPrime SL8082t for UI Com port (user interface Com port). I will work in Terminal

you can try this one:


Thank you for answer. For Terminal i need UI com ports, but I have not


what is UI COM port?
Why are there so many COM ports in device manager?

this is Huawei e173 modem stick. i have UI port, and i connect in Terminal to this port for command. This device have now 5 modem.

then which one belongs to SL8 modem?

in this device 8 com port, in 5 you see sierra wireless sl8082 modems.


from COM103 to COM110, which are SL8 module?

hier is motherboard with 8 ports. this 8 ports i see in windows - COM103-COM110. in this COM ports 5 SL8082. but i can not see this 5 modems in windows…

not clear to me, from COM103 to COM110, which are SL8 module?