UDP over GPRS - disconnects


I’m using the Fastrack Supreme to send data from UART1 via UDP over GPRS. my software works most of the time, sending data every 10 minutes. However, there are some outages for about an hour every so often. my software leaves the connection open from the start - is it better (or necessary) to close down the GPRS/UDP connection everytime the data transmission is completed and then restart when new data arrives?

(i assume that the closing functions are wip_close, then wip_bearerClose, then wip_bearerStop, then when the WIP_BEV_STOPPED message arrives, restart from wip_bearerStart, wip_UDPCreateOpts for a new socket)



There could be timeouts in the various networks, gateways, etc if you leave the connection open, but don’t use it :question:

Thanks, that’s what I suspect as well … that there is an overall timeout on the connection. Is the stop and restart procedure ok?