Closing Connection and Spawned Sockets question

Hi all,

First of all, thanks for keeping this great forum working. Without this forum, developing Open At with only the documentation supplied would be really difficult.

I am working on an application to link a datalogger connected with a Wavecom Fastrack Supreme (firmware version 7.3_00 with Open AT 6.20.04 and WIP library 5.10.2020) acting as a server using GPRS with a remote PC using Winsoft-Hiperterminal.

I have managed to get the link working with bi-directional communication. The problem I am facing now is how to properly close the communication between.
The way I am doing it is by calling wip_close and the wip_bearerClose, using a delay of 2 sec (I do not like delays) between them to allow the queued socket to be close.
So my first question is: Is there any Event from Open At notifying when the socket is closed after calling wip_close. Shall I call wip_netExit instead or after than wip_bearerClose?

My second issue is understand how the spawned sockets work and how can I identify them. If I close the connection from the PC and I connect it again, the modem accepts the connection but I cannot transmit data anymore between them. I suspect this is because this is a new socket and I am not reading it correctly?

I will appreciate your help on this.