GPRS(PPP) Problem

Hello we had developed an aplication with Fastrack M1306B.

Our aplication is critical and it connects with PPP(windows CE) over GPRS. This connection is all time open and our aplications check this by a ping if it failures to three diferent hosts, it resets the modem and reconect.

Our aplication for doing it goes the next configuration:

  • Disabled Flow control
  • Without DTR
  • we only use three wires

When we do the migration to Fastrack supreme, we have the next problems:

1- We do the at+wasr=0, and at&F, to disbale shutdown and it works, but after we do a reset modem we have to do this another comands another time (with DTR on) because if we don’t put it it doesn’t work.

2- In windows we do the connection without Flow control, and in some cases when it pass more than thirty minutes, the pings doens’t responds, connection is present but we don’t recieve or send nothing.

We saw that there are a lot of comands to configure modem to GPRS conection (CGACT,CGAUTO,CGANTS,…) To do a connection we use only the comands that are in your manual. CGDCONT. Can someone tell us if we can do more configurations to do the connection more security (less disconections, and less interferences, disable calls, rings detections, and others)…

Thanks a lot