Time response


does everyone know what is the response time for interrupt?
Thank for your help


I don’t know for sure and I’ve never read anything about it, but since the interrupt must be served by a handler to the “+wind: 12” indication you should get a fairly representative time if you measure the time from the IRQ until the +WIND: 12 is transmitted on serial port.

A quick guess could be a couple of 10 milliseconds maybe…

It could be hard to measure it from within the application…



Thank for this answer,

If I write on I/O port, in pulling mode, do you know what is the maximum frequency of genérated clock.
I need to do a 38Khz clock signal, to write on I²C do you think that is possible?




No, I dont think its possible…

Because if you want to have a 38 kHz signal, then you need to write to the I/O port every 1/(38000*2) seconds (~13,15 us) and since you don’t have direct access to the port (alot of API and Wavecom software in between), the code will be unpredictable and way too slow.

If you must interface to a 38 kHz I[size=84]2[/size]C then I think you have to use some other peripheral.



Hey tcresson !!

if you are using the RTOS concepts then you need not wait for the “+WIND: 12” indication. Instead you can subscribe the interrupt to either the Low level handler or the High level handler.

if it is Low level handler then the time is around 600MicroSecs
for High Level handler it is around 1ms to 10 ms…

More info is present in the guide