Hardware timer access?


The description of this forum on the index page says,

So what’s all this about Hardware Timer Access, then? :question:

What hardware timer(s) is/are available?
How does one access it/them?
What restrictions apply?
etc, etc…


I guess that if you ask your distributor, you can have a beta version supporting access to the HW timer of the wismo! It worked for me!


So this is a new feature that’s not fully released yet?

One thing I have in mind is the Dallas 1-Wire™ bus
wavecom.com/modules/movie/sc … .php?t=374

This would require timings on the order of microseconds - do you know if that’d be possible from what you’ve seen of the beta features?


funny enough I just observed this title was available before the OS verison that support it!!! OS 4.10…

So have a close look at the other posts you might learn other feature that are not yet announced!!!