the issue concerning the OAT programming

Hello everybody,

For programming SIERAA sl8082t I am using HyperTerminal.
During experimenting I tried to erase embedded application using comand at+wopen=4, after the succeful erasing I checked it on validity with the commands of “ATI9” and at+wopen=7 that the SIERRA module doesn’t store any application in the embedded module.
Then I wanted again program this module with appropriate OAT file, however I notice that even after successful uploading application into module and restarting SIERAA, application still doesn’t exist in the embedded module.
For entering into programming mode I use at+wdwl command.

Could you tell me why the module couldn’t be programmed if i see that the application transfering has finished without any failures?
OR there is the special procedure for such task?

Using at+wdwl to download the application should work.

Could you share the output of ATI9?

Is your OAT application built with correct framework package that match your FW?

Have you tried to use developer studio to download the OAT application?

Does your application populate the fields for ATI9 to display :question:

The matter was managed to be successfully resolved by means of reprogramming it through developer studio, then through HyperTerminal uploading OAT full firmware into SIERRA for AT commands and data from SIERRA interpretation.
After the input of the ati9 command in the description, there is an application and libraries description soon after “MODEM 3G+” piece of information.

However, the question is still remain:
Why wasn’t I able to directly reprogram SIERRA using HyperTerminal?

Thank you

Are you connected through USB?
If yes, this could answer the question: when dealing with software download, the device resets and the USB port disappears and appears again from Windows POV. So you need to close the connection and reopen it after having entered the AT+WDWL command.

Dear Daav, I did it according to delivery notes, so I know when restart connection or device.
However, these steps didn’t help, only developer studio!
It happened after the erase at+wopen=4 command.