The future of AirPrime is multicore


Sierra Wireless announced a brand new multicore architecture for the next generation of AirPrime embedded modules, moving forward the “M2M system-on-a-chip” strategy, allowing customers to avoid buying and integrating 2 different chips (CPU + module) to build and simplify their M2M products.

Blog article (Dev Zone): … icore.aspx

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Been waiting a long time for this!

Are they actually available now - samples? production?

Any Beta testers required… :question:


Guess it’s time to bug my distributor and FAE for more information :smiley:


I’ve written this short blog post on the Developer Zone too: … icore.aspx (updated in the first post of this forum topic)

Andy, I’m gonna ask if we need beta-testers. That’s a good question.

Andy, Tobias, I’m glad to see it is a desired feature :slight_smile: This forum can be as well a place where you could suggest new features and enhancements (cf. Also, as all most active members of the forum, you’ll have the opportunity to do it face to face in June in Paris :slight_smile: – I still need to launch the invites.



Hiya Thibs.

This looks pretty good to me also. I’ve been using the Q2686 as the central controller in my projects for a few years now, and was slightly disappointed in the new Q2698 having less I/O than Q2686.

3G/4G is all the rage down here in Oz at the moment - I’d be keen to be a Beta tester as well :smiley:

Thanks for the heads up.

ciao, Dave


Is there any technical documentation available?

Pricing and availability… :question:


Hey Andy, all

I have a good news for you. We’ll offer to few experts top contributors in our developer community, to test these products before the production launch (and therefore with an access to the draft documentation and everything :slight_smile: ).

Andy & Dave, you’re on my list. Any other candidates for the beta testing?



That would be brilliant - thanks!!



Me too please!


3 folks on my list now :smiley: – caution :exclamation: it is not an acceptation, I don’t know how many “entries” I’ll get yet.



I’d like to look at it as well…


Sure tobias. 4 folks on the list now.


Here is the demo on ARM booth at Mobile World Congress