Need for external CPU&RAM for EM/MC series

I probably know the answer, but I still have to ask. :slight_smile:
Will something like the EM/MC-series ever run on a Android/Generic Linux without need for externals?
Ie. Will there ever be one with an open application processor under the lid?
Yes, I know about Legato for the other Sierra-series.
But I like the form-factor and still reflect on a standalone possibility from time to time.

I don’t think so, i think you still need host mcu

Thats unfortunate. Doesn’t the EM/MC series have PCIe? That creates a whole other possibility to do stuff that the other series do not have. If the series could be equipped with a modern CPU that would be amazing. The actual footprint of doing stuff would be drastically smaller.

I think you can choose the WP76 series which is a host CPU with modem function

Well. I was hoping for something else. :slight_smile:
I thought maybe the EM/MC series could be a start for something new.

I already have some mangOH reds with 85xx in them.
Legato is a fudged mess and I don’t like it one bit.
No standard bootloader. No modern kernel.
Just some hodgepodge application layer and mechanisms.
I want a standard, modern, bootloader, inspectable MCU (ARM TF-A?) firmware,
a modern Linux kernel, modern toolchain and a well described device tree.
And I definitely do not want to start by peeling off someone else’s crud.
The modem radio firmware can be closed though, don’t mind it that much.

I don’t mind the application layer being a possibility.
But the current delivery does not present the basic building blocks separately.
But anyone is welcome to point out the shortcomings in my reasoning.
I’m pretty new to Sierra Wireless modems and ecosystems,
so this could be my misunderstanding of things.