EM7455 voice-enabled firmware

Hi Sierra,
according to my distributor and the EM7455 datasheet from August 2015 (and also according to your current data sheet at https://www.sierrawireless.com/-/media/iot/pdf/datasheets/sierrawireless_airprime_em_series_datasheet.pdf), you state that “FW support for voice is a future FW update”.
We would like to know, about when the EM7455 firmware with voice support will be available. Thank you.


We MAY support a beta release of firmware for the unit 1H17 but there will certainly not be one before then.



Hi Matt,
thanks for the info. I feared that it will not be in this year any more… :frowning:

Just out of technical curiosity: Why is it seemingly so difficult to bring voice to the M.2 form factor? I mean, every “dumb smartphone” can do it, and quite some smartphones already support LTE advanced… :wink:

any news with this? Does EM7455 support voice now a couple years later?