MC7304, VoLTE


our last information regarding the VoLTE support was the following statement from Sierra Wireless:

MC7304 VoLTE /
Voice Support The VoLTE feature is not yet supported in the Firmware 4.5 it will be in the 4.7 one.
The feature will be available end of Q4 2014. Voice Support 2G/3G is also aviable at the end of Q4 2014.

Is there a new timeline available?
Q4 has passed - no VoLTE Support in sight, and the first operators are launching it, also in Europe/Germany.

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I would also be interested in this topic focused on VoLTE. I know of 2 other manufactures have started the rolled out of development kits for their solutions with VoLTE support in beta stages. Obviously I would assume Sierra is doing the same, followed by “Certification” of firmware once final product is released!

I have made several attempts to contact Sierra to inquire about the development of the VoLTE testing solution once agreements have been signed without any luck. Looking for some assistance.


Hello I am new to the forum,
I am also interested to know if VoLTE is now working with the MC7304 and if so with which firmware and how it can be implemented.
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if you don’t hear something in 4 years don’t expect something now :slight_smile:
I suppose it was just Marketing fuzz