Telit at#sd


I have to implement the Special Telit at commands for sending data through tcp socket.

I have a running unchangeable Controller that uses a telit modem for sending data.

The commands are similar to the at wip commands but not equal.

AT+CPIN? //Check Pin Status
AT+CPIN="xxxx" //Set Pin Code

AT+CREG? //Get Network Status
AT#SELINT=2 //Select Interface Style
AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","","",0,0 //Set Context
AT#SCFG=1, 1,300, 40,200,5 //Config Socket
AT#SGACT=1,1 //GPRS on

AT#SD=1, 0,80,80.x.x.x,0  //Activate Connection
//Data exchange
POST /sensor.php  HTTP/1.0
Host: x.x.x.x
Content-type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded
Content-length: 328
+++ //End of Data
AT#SH=1 //Socket Shutdown
AT#SGACT=1,0 //GPRS off

For Details see … hp?id=1603

It would be great to get some information regarding best practice to implement this at commands. thank you


The very reason that “Open-AT” has that name is precisely because it gives you Open access to create your own AT commands :exclamation:

You need to create at Open-AT application with implements the same functions & interfaces as the Telit commans.


I know that it is possible,my question was whats the best way to implement it.can you give me some sample codes,especially for the AT#sd command?thanx


There are sample codes included with the Developer Studio.