Tcpip project compile for wismo target


When i compile my tcpip project for wismo target, getting some errors in vc6.0.
… ed_socket.h no such file or directory
… ed_gprs.h no such file or directory
… ed_msgcodes.h no such file or directory
… ed_dialup.h no such file or directory

i had add rte_eDLib_310.lib in project settings. Also i add openat\v310\tgtgen\add-ons\tcp directory from options/directories tab. Otherwise it did not compile for debug mode.

also i had add OTHER_LIB_LIST = \ TCPIP/v3.10\ in project .mak file.

my versions are,

In cygwin, i typed ‘wmmake project’, then getting error…
make: ***No rule to make target ‘appli.o’, needed by ‘gcc_gprs2_B’. Stop.

is there any way to simple and working methot for tcpip projects?


I added ‘-otherlib TCPIP -otherlib DTL’ under script additional options and solved problem.
I should first search on forum carefully :blush: