SVN repository problems

I’m using a svn repository to share my work with my colleages, but i run into some problem when trying to import a repository project into M2M studio.
only the source files are inside the repository, no project files.
When i try to import this project, i can browse the repository, but when i finished the wizard, no files are present.?

I’ve not tried yet, but did you shared also the project settings files as described in the M2M Studio online help:

no, i did not share the project files.
i’m doubtfull about compatibility with different include locations etc.

I’ve took a look to these files content: all paths are relative (except maybe if you reference an external include path in your project), so I guess it’s safe…
I guess also you have to ensure that the required Wavecom packages have to be imported prior to check out the project from SVN in a clean M2M Studio workspace.