Supreme 20 + IESM GPS+USB+IO : GPS not working


Sorry if my question is stupid, I’m a newbie…
I’ve received my Supreme 20 and the IESM GPS+USB+IO module, and I’ve installed everything.
Then, I’ve started the modem, and using the document IESM GPS+USB+IO User Guide, I’ve started sending commands to the modem :
+WCFM: 00000030,0
This should indicate that the GPS functionnality is present.

Reading this forum, it seems that some people are downloading code to the modem. But, from the doc.,
it says that AT+WOPEN=1 does activate the C-GPS sample code.

What am I missing ? All I want is to receive NMEA GPS information on the serial port that I’m using to send the AT commands to the modem.
I’ve downloaded :
Wavecom Open AT Software Suite 2.12.exe
but I can’t find any dwl with “GPS” in the name… and even if I found one, I have no idea on how to download it to the modem.

Could someone provide some help on how to start the GPS ?

Thanks in advance,

What “doc” is that?

AT+WOPEN=1 will activate whatever Open-AT application is currently present within the unit - it is not specific to any “C-GPS sample code”.

It is : IESM GPS+USB+IO User Guide.pdf which can be found in the Download section.

I understand that. But I had the impression that the modem and the module were delivered with a GPS code that AT+WOPEN=1
would activate automatically, without having to download anything to the module, if the answer to :
didn’t contain 00000031, as indicated in the doc (still the same), page 3.

Am I missing something obvious ? Do I have to download some piece of code to the modem/module to receive NMEA from the GPS ? If so, is there one that I can use in the SDK and other download stuff on Wavecom web site ?


You need to check that with your supplier - only they will know precisely what they delivered to you!

And they should be able to support you in getting it working…