Starting baby-steps for M100 Modem

Hi All.

We have procured a couple of M100 modems, and we intend to get our hands dirty by starting to build a “Hello World” program for it.

We intend to use Linux as the development-platform, and that too just using command-line.

We will be able to find the tools easily, but we would be grateful if we could be helped regarding these absolute-basic questions about the M100 modem ::

What processor does it use?

Is there an OS on it? If yes, which one?

Which compiler is used for compiling any C program for this device?

How do we flash the program on the device?

How to access the display/logging terminal?

I guess with the above answered, we will be well on our way to building application-logic on it.

Thanks and Regards,

M100 modems??? you mean sierra wireless M100 modems or sierra instrument’s M100?


Hi Rex.

Sorry for not being clear.
We have procured Sierra-Wireless-M100 modems.

I know Maestro wireless M100 modem… Sierra wireless M100 modem :confused: