MC5728v Cns/HIP

We’ve been tasked to do send cns commands to this modem. The website seems to imply that the Linux SDK has an API that helps with this or/and has sample source code. I haven’t been able to find the SDK but i have installed the Eclipse with some plugins(Developer studio)

I’m basically doing a test run to get basic commands using CNS/HIP for now so i’m green. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you


First, welcome! :slight_smile:

You are correct to use Linux SDK to drive the MC572x module.
However, please don’t mix it with Developer Studio which do not currently support MC572x modules.

You may get the tool by following the link in the support section of below: … 5728V.aspx
or you may check with your FAE or distributor.

Hope it helps.

I installed the Developer Studio as a last ditch effort but i could tell that wan’t what i wanted. Worth a try! :smiley:

There doesn’t appear to be a link under the support option but asks me to contact my distributor – so i’m going to try that route.


I’m having a hard time getting anyone to tell me about the Linux SDK (sales/dist) – Is there atleast any source code available for the CnS part of it? I’ve been goggling for .h header files that mention HIP or CnS but haven’t hit much :frowning:

thanks again