Standard AT command reference for WP76xx

I have the document for the proprietary commands but I can’t find the standard AT command reference. I have been provided with a modem to integrate into an existing product (upgrade from another brand of modem) so I don’t have the SDK. Where can I download the standard AT command reference please?

Thanks mlw but that it the proprietary commands document that I already have.
I am looking for all the standard commands such as AT+CREG and AT+CSQ.

Hi @lesgrant
Standard 3GPP AT commands support is listed in section 15 of the AT command guide: Supported GSM/WCDMA AT Commands

For detailed description of those commands you need to refer to the various public standard mentioned at the beginning of section 15:

  • ITU recommendation v.250
  • 3GPP TS 27.005 and TS 27.007

Thanks bbo. I was hoping that Sierra Wireless would have a document that covered all the AT commands as supported by a particular family of modems. Anyway, I have located and downloaded the following documents. I hope they are the correct (latest) versions…!!PDF-E&type=items!Sup1!PDF-E&type=items

Thanks for your help.

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