Requesting GSM 3gpp manual for WP77/FX30 for commands like COPS etc

The manual from for the FX30/WP77 series modules (4118047 AirPrime WP AT Command Reference r8.pdf) only notes whether or not the GSM commands like AT+COPS (and dozens of other commands) are supported or not and doesn’t provide any details of usage or examples. It does make a loose reference to the 3gpp web site and I couldn’t for the life of me find any useful manuals in there to support development work on the FX30. The 3gpp site didnt even recognise AcT’s 7 and 9 (I’m guessing this is lte and cat-m repectively?)

Can someone please point me to a manual which describes the supported AT GSM/LTE/CATM commands for Sierra Wireless basic AT commands like COPS etc, most of the manuals I’ve found don’t have the latest technology support. Perhaps that manual/resource is on the 3gpp site?

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Please find the user manual 3GPP + COPS command in the attached file.
<AcT>: integer type; access technology selected
9 E-UTRAN (NB-S1 mode) (see NOTE 4)
ts_127007v150200p.pdf (1.5 MB)

Thank you. Perfect. I recommend adding this to the downloads page in when searching for documentation for FX30/WP7 and others.

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Commands like +COPS are described in the 3GPP documentation.