SSL transparent or non transparent


i am using smtp client sample application provided by sierra in order to ensure security i want to integrate ssl sample application(provided by sierra wireless)with smtp application,but i am facing some problems while integrating session channels declared in two sample applications.
in smtp,there are two channels,one is session channel and other is data channel declared as follows:
Session channel(smtp):
CnxChannel = wip_SMTPClientCreateOpts(SMTP_STR_HOSTNAME, // hostname
smtp_ClientTestCnxHandler, // handler fct
NULL, // ctx

                                    // Optional parameters (mandatory at creation)
                                    WIP_COPT_PEER_PORT, SMTP_CLIENT_TEST_PORT,

                                    // Optional
                                    // (if the both field are not specified, there
                                    // is no AUTH LOGIN sequence)
                                    WIP_COPT_USER,      SMTP_STR_USERNAME,
                                    WIP_COPT_PASSWORD,  SMTP_STR_PASSWORD,
                                    WIP_COPT_SMTP_AUTH_TYPE, WIP_SMTP_AUTH_MIME64,


Data channel(smtp):
DataChannel = wip_putFileOpts(CnxChannel, // Session channel
NULL, // string
smtp_ClientTestDataHandler, // handler fct
NULL, // ctx

                            // (MANDATORY for channel creation)
                            // --------------------------------
                            WIP_COPT_SMTP_SENDER,     SMTP_STR_SENDER,
                            WIP_COPT_SMTP_REC,        SMTP_STR_REC,
                            WIP_COPT_SMTP_CC_REC,     SMTP_STR_CCREC,
                            WIP_COPT_SMTP_BCC_REC,    SMTP_STR_BCCREC,
                            WIP_COPT_SMTP_SUBJ,       SMTP_STR_SUBJ,

                            // This option indicates if wip smtp should generate
                            // the mail header or if appli is in charge of it
                            // (for mail attachment for example)
                            WIP_COPT_SMTP_FORMAT_HEADER, 1, // default case


where as there is only one session channel in ssl on which data has also been sent.session channel in ssl is declared as follows:
session channel(SSL):
CHANNEL = wip_SSLClientCreateOpts( PEER_STRADDR, PEER_PORT, evh_channel, NULL,
if we look on the above delarations,then we will come to know that both session channels(smtp and ssl) are declared i am facing problem in integrating theses two line of codes.
moreover ssl and smtp are running on different ports.
*how to integrate above codes?
*do i need to change the port number of smtp to that of ssl?
kindly help me in this regard.anticipating urgent responses…:slight_smile:


does SSL work in transparent mode or non transparent mode?how does it work with smtp and pop3?